Name: Wee Jas

Gender: f

Rank: Intermediate Deity

Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Magic, Death, Vanity, Law

Titles: The Witch Goddess, Ruby Sorceress, Stern Lady, Death's Guardian

Holy Symbol: A red skull, sometimes wreathed in flame

Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Although many worshipers are Lawful Evil)

Origin of Worship: Suel

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Domains: Domination (CD), Inquisition (CD), Law, Magic, Mind (CD), Repose (Ss)

Special Notes: Lawful Neutral clerics must channel negative energy, thus they convert spells to inflict wounds and rebuke/command undead. Divine spellcasters must ask for permission before restoring a weak or chaotic individual to life. The creation of undead is acceptable unless the undead is chaotic in alignment except with Wee Jas's permission. The rebuking of chaotic undead is permissible.

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