Votrote is a sizable town in the Canton of Hugelrote in the nation of Perrenland. The leader of the town is Landgraf (and Hetmann) Vortmann. The town's primary concern is minting of copper coins.

Votrote's town square is dominated by the statue of a human wielding a broadsword high over its head, poised ready to strike down a kobold. The kobold is on its knees, holding a shield up as if to defend itself from the final blow. The plaque below the statue reads: "The Statue commemorates the liberation of the Vortrote mines from the Black Saber Kobolds CY 486. Thirteen brave men died. May their bravery live on as a legacy to us all."

The Vortote Mint is arguably the most important aspect of the town and the coins it produces is the community's primary export. The mint is supplied by the Saber Mine and the coins are destined to all corners of the Flanaess.

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