Ulmt is an independent city-state within the nation of Perrenland. It is considered the religious heart of the nation.

The holy town of Ulmt is made up of grand, white marble buildings. Shops have white-washed walls, with taverns and residences rising up the hill. Atop the hill, a place of honour, is the Grand Temple of the Shrine Alliance.

Ulmt is independent and ruled by the Voorshoolmann council of the Old Kerk. It collects its own taxes and has its own small army. This sanctified force is known as the Sacaal Hund (Sacred Hounds).

Ulmt is the original site of the Shrine Alliance, the ancient pact between the various temples of the Flan gods that resulted in the formation of the Old Kerk, and is dominated by the Grand Temple of the Shrine Alliance, which contains shrines to all of the gods of the Old Kerk (except the newly-arisen Mayaheine).

Locations of note: Edit

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