The town of Tielemannschlauss is located at the foot of Mount Sentvoor in the Canton of Clatspurgen in Perrenland. It is situated on the banks of the Jasart River. The Hetmann is Karl Hoormanser.

A small settlement, the town consists of several stone buildings surrounding a temple to Ulaa, which dominate the town. The only other building of note is Jana's Rest, the town's sole inn.

Tielemannschlauss is considered by many as a 'gateway town', being a hub for local commerce and a destination for pilgrims faithful to Ulaa during the spring season. The temple itself is an important sacred site for Ulaa worshipers.

The lush valley in which the town is situated is fertile thanks to heavy rains and runoff from the looming mountains, making it ideal for farming. Although the river is fairly narrow, making water travel uncommon, fishing is also conducted on the river and also supports the town.

More recently, increased activity from the mountains (in the form of strange disappearances, bandit and monster attacks, and rumours of unexplored tombs) have made the town a favored spot for adventurers and explorers.

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