Name: Rudd

Gender: F

Rank: Demi-Goddess

Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Luck, Chance

Titles: Smiley, Lady of Luck, Ace, Rudd

Holy Symbol: Bull’s Eye Target

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Origin of Worship: Bissel

Favored Weapon: Rapier, Shortbow

Domains: Chaos, Competition, Destiny, Good, Luck

Description: Rudd is depicted as an athletic, trim, Oeridian woman (though with some obvious Suel blood) garbed in form-fitting clothing with a long cloak of blue. She is young and invariably smiling. She has short black hair. She wields a rapier named Keleshe, a stiletto, and shortbow.

Rudd is on good terms with her mentor, Olidammara, and Norebo (said by some to be her father), but opposes Iuz, Zagyg, and Ralishaz. She doesn't get along well with Istus, as Rudd has a big problem with the idea of predestination.

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