Pfalzgraf is the title of a hereditary chief of a Perrenland clan. It could be described as a duke. A Pfalzgraf is referred to as 'Your Grace'.

All the Grafs of a clan pay fealty to the Pfalzgraf, giving them power and authority over the clan. In those clans that elect their Pfalzgraph (Hussen, Rosrijder and Vosser), that worthy is also called the Voorstammann.

In addition, a Pfalzgraf is entitled to a Grafardt (private army) of 100 soldiers.

As part of their duties, every Pfalzgraf sits on the House of Grafs. One of the other duties of Pfalzgraf is to attend election of the new Voormann in Schwartzenbruin every eight years.

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