Orgus Bildger is a political and military leader in Perrenland.

A former Auszug veteran, Orgus Bildger has the titles of Hetmann of Niederschlauss, and Hintervoormann of Traft Canton. He is a proud member of Clan Roodberg but is highly patriotic towards Perrenland as a whole.

Bildger is well respected for his strongly anti-Iuz leanings. He is a long time critic of the current Voormann, Karenin Weisspeer, who he sees as lacking conviction or true leadership. Bildger has most recently offered himself up as a candidate for the next Voormann election in 593 CY.

In the meantime, Bilger has worked hard to build his reputation. He founded the anti-Iuz faction known as "Das Legio der Honur" and has raised a military group known as the "Border Rangers" to help defend the nation's borders. He has expressed interest in annexing the Sepia Uplands (renaming it Vesbergen Canton), a popular sentiment from many Perrenders due to rumours of encroachment of Iuzian forces from the Vesve Forest in the east.

Bilger was nominated as a candidate to Voormann by the Hetmann of Traft (and his second cousin) Ernest Duffkyyn

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