The Pfalzgraf of the clans form the House of Grafs, which acts as a house of review over the Concatenated Council. They are a vital part of the federal government of Perrenland.

The House of Grafs (as of 591 CY) currently has ten members. These are the Pfalzgrafs of the eight major clans (including the two Meerijder Pfalzgrafs and the Himilda Hara of the Lake Quag Rhennee). Of these ten, five are also members of the Concatenated Council by virtue of their position as Hintervoormenn of their Cantons (the Hussen, Morgenrood and Roodberg Pfalzgrafs).

The House of Grafs has the right to debate and block legislation that has been passed by the Concatenated Council, making them very powerful politically within Perrenland. The greatest limit on the House of Grafs is that as a house of review, it cannot propose legislation or directly influence government policy, only vote by majority to approve or reject legisation.

Generally, the House of Grafs is a fractious body that considers the preservation of clan traditions and interests its primary concern. Traditionally the House does not involve itself in foreign policy, the Auszug, taxation, the federal budget, or immigration unless it directly affects clan interests.

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