Old Common term: Olve

Elves are a bit shorter and lighter than humans, with a slender, atheltic build.  They are known for their intelligence and dexterity, making them great rangers and wizards.  According to their myth, the elves were born from the blood of Corellon Larethain and the tears of Sehanine Moonbow after Corellon's battle with Gruumsh, who they revere as their chief dieties.  Some elves also pay homage to Ehlonna, goddess of woodlands.

Elves are long lived and spend much time in study or exploring, giving many people the impression that they are not entirely concerned with the world around them, while others may find them a bit chaotic.  

Sunndi, Celene, and the Duchy of Urnst are all controled by a ruling elven house, while the Lendore Islands are an oppressive elf ruled theocracy dedicated to Sehanine Moonbow.  They are common in Highfolk and the Vesve Forest, having settled the area long before humans entered the area.