The Canton of Hugelrote is a province in the nation of Perrenland.

With the exception of the land directly surrounding Exag, the Mounds of Dawn lies within Hugelrote's territory. This, combined with the ever-present danger of creatures descending from the Yatil Mountains, make Hugelrote a dangerous place to live in comparison to most other areas of Perrenland. The canton is renowned for its strange ruins and even stranger monsters.

As a result, the locals (predominantly folk from the Morgenrood and Vuurzward clans) tend to be cautious and pragmatic. They are also quite insular, avoiding unnecessary journeys outside due to the ever present danger of monster attacks. Even so, they are known for their hospitality and their willingness to lend a helping hand to strangers. In part, this is because the locals rely on adventurers for news from the rest of the Perrenland.

The canton is represented by the Hintervoormann, who is elected at irregular intervals. A strange affliction seems to affect this position, and those that take the mantle rarely live long. Some locals blame the disappearance of Hintervoormen to the Hugelrote Curse, although its equally likely that the victim was simply eaten by some terrible creature.

Old Oeridian is spoken with some regularity here due to the strong Oeridian ancestry of its inhabitants.

Settlements Edit

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