Name: Allitur

Gender: m

Rank: Lesser Deity

Areas of Concern/Portfolio: Ethics, Propriety


Holy Symbol: A pair of clasped hands

Alignment: Lawful Good

Origin of Worship: Flan

Favored Weapon: Spear

Domains: Community (CD), Good, Inquisition (CD), Knowledge, Law, Purification (CD)

Allitur is one of the Old Kerk god's.

Description: Allitur is an old Flan god, representing the need to maintain order, tradition, law and ethical behaviour between tribes and generations. Well regarded for his gift of divine diplomacy, he is believed to be Rao's younger brother.

In Flan culture, Allitur's name is invoked during trials, diplomatic meetings and other official events. His clergy serve as judges, legal counsel, scribe laws and arbitrate disputes. They have a martial bent because of their role as enactors of punishments for criminals and oath-breakers.

He rides an untiring horse called "Keph". This steed is revered among certain cultures, such as the Wolf Nomads and Rosridjer clan of Perrenland.

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